Music for 5/19/22!!! Ogi, Madalitso Band

@@@ Ogi: Bitter (Atlantic, 2022) There’s r&b that is so annoyingly polished and corporate that it makes my sphincter cringe and there’s this which is slinky and soulful and rhythmically complex. I saw this on the Pitchfork twatter feed and it’s a pretty simple formula. Emphasis is on the vocals but there’s a nice shuffle beat and in a rare case of liking something I don’t usually like I dig these backing vocals. For the last minute they bring in a horn line that drives the track which doesn’t super need more drive. Very little garnish after the beat and the vocal arrangement so good thing that it’s a fine arrangement and a funky beat.

@@@ Madalitso Band: Musakayike (Bongo Joe, 2019) This is a pre release track and it’s a pretty simple formula — a lot of stringed instruments, a simple foot on the floor or single kick like drum and uplifting vocal/vocal melodies. I’m not sure if it’s my own personal dementia or something in the music but it sounds a bit like something from Paul Simon’s classic record Graceland but stripped down. Similar in vibe and possibly in structure. I like it all right, it’s not particularly driving rhythmically which is one of the my favorite things about African music and there’s nothing here that stands out greatly but it’s good playing and singing. Agnostic as to whether I would listen past the pre-release track.

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