Music for 5/15/22!!! The Smile

@@@ The Smile: Waving a White Flag (XL, 2022) A side project for a coupla Radiohead guys I saw this on the All Music notable release email for this week. This is 11th track on the record and it opens with an orchestral synth vibe, then in comes Thom Yorke, whose name I can’t help but pronounce with the h as a friend who doesn’t like him does at every turn. I like him and this is pretty fresh for mainstream business. I know Radiohead has their detractors but I think their long term strategy of focusing more on the music than on fame and visibility is wise as this is good music. Imma peep a bit more. The opening track is a big slow one and I’m checking out the third track You’ll Never Work in Television Again whic sports a big splashy punky feel and a ramped up tempo. I’ve clicked around a bit and it seems to be a mix of rockers and spacious synth space rock and sometimes all that in one track. Overall I liked this more than I thought I would, it feels similar to Radiohead without just being Radiohead with a different drummer. B+

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