Music for 5/11/22!!! Boston Bun, Jembaa Groove

@@@ Boston Bun: Nobody But You (eOne, 2022) This record is off a best of 2021 but as I click it I think we’re gonna get a big ol’ slice of frat boy bangers here. Fat synth, vocoder vocals, the whole dilly. Building, building, comes out with a midtempo groove with a nice percussion, I just had coffee but I can’t remember what it is. It’s a party down below but up top it’s more abstract and mellow, the action is south of the equator. I’m checking out another track to make sure I get a good feel of the formula. It’s a similar formula but with a pitch shifted diva melody. Midtempo bangers, not super funky, bit fat wedge synths, ya know the ones that really take up some space, I guess it’s best of year for Red Sox fans maybe. Oy bit of a drag on the listens today but maybe some of this is for folks who aren’t like me, which is almost all folks.

@@@ JEMBAA GROOVE | Susuma (Agogo, 2022) Some Afrobeat I got to via the fine folks at WRIR. It opens smooth jazz style, super smooth, smoother than a porn star’s downstairs waiting room. I skipped to the second track and it’s also super chill and smoother. I have nothing against it. The rhythm is thick, everyone plays well, it’s just not super to my liking. If you love the mellow Afrobeat well then you just struck gold cuz this shit is super chill.

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