Music for 5/10/22!!! AWOLNATION, Ches Smith

@@@ AWOLNATION: Take a Chance on Me (Better Noise , 2022) Off this week’s All Music notable release email. Oy, I stumbled on this via this week’s All Music notable release email and it’s a redo of an old school track by….oh shit I had to Google this and realize that this track goes back to ABBA. Fucking oy, they coulda let this cheese age a bit more, no? I mean what is there to say to this except some folks will meet their car payments with it, maybe a little sushi? Is there creativity in recasting this track? Not to my ears. Jewel is the lead female vocalist on the track and there is a giant lasagna of vocal tracks here. Not super my cup of tea.

@@@ Ches Smith: Interpret it well (Pyroclastic Records, 2022) A forward thinking jazz record off the same All Music notable release email. Instrumentation is vibes, piano, guitar, some electronics (I think) and violin on some tracks. They take a short melodic figure and repeat it and improvise around it and put harmonic structure under it and it’s all right. No drums, which is half the reason I tune in to a jazz record — I love me some explosive ass drums. Okay I did some more Google and the leader here, Ches Smith, is a drummer but also a vibraphonist. It’s got a contemplative vibe that I like but I could use something more interesting here. I don’t love the guitarist’s tone but I do like the playing and I’m a huge vibes person. I’m listening to this as I do a little Twattering and I like it. I’m not fully engaged and looking to put it on my year end list but it’s cool Start with the third track Mixed Metaphor as I liked that best of what I heard.

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