Music for 5/9/22!!! Jack Harlow, Halestorm

@@@ Jack Harlow: First Class (Atlantic, 2022) Pole position on Apple Music and fourth track on the record, this white boy is doing a pretty drawl-y cleaned up trap vibe. It’s kinda hilarious, he can put you in first class (with all the white people!!!). The piano progression provides the harmonic structure, you get a little synth melody, some fat bass but not too fat, but I can’t get past his vocal delivery. He’s a mayo Drake, and Lord knows Drake is pretty white. I like the bass, it’s the best part of the track, the beats are a little backed off, the piano is fine, and his voice, Cracker Barrel got the voice for all those Elvis Presley hip hop fans.

@@@ Halestorm: Wicked Ways (Atlantic, 2022) This is some cheese ass hard rock also on the Apple Music new music section, yowsa it’s more cheese for America and America has already been dipped in cheese three times over! Big power chords, some synth action and urgent female rock singer feels. Big female rock star feels, I mean big, Trump big. Bloated Trump big, Trump on the toilet big. It’s like two Bon Jovis boiled down with a vagina slapped on there, it’s at that level. What do I like here? Nice snare sound and big energy, the drummer is all right. The guitars aren’t notable and the singer is just a bit extra as far as I’m concerned.

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