Music for 5/5/22!!! Let’s Eat Grandma, Tobias Dray

@@@ Let’s Eat Grandma: Happy New Year (Transgressive, 2022) A gushing article in the Guardian triggered this peep. Two young British women rocking it epic pop style with this banger opening the record. Huge synthesizer sounds and many layers of them. For young folks they seem mad nostalgic and happy to remember happier times. Maybe when they were filling their diapers perchance? It’s a best friend anthem and who can shit on that? I guess I kinda did. I’m giving the second tune, Levitation, a shot and it’s the same formula. Huge synth bass over medium beats and sweet vocals over the top as a sauce. I don’t get the appeal and don’t see the brilliance in it, but that’s just me. Have at it.

@@@ Tobias Dray: Bottle of Bombay (Self-released, 2022) Music publicist email, let’s take a look! It’s slotted as alternative on the Apple Music but this single opens with a classic rolling drum and bass beat plus a keyboard vamp and falsetto loverboy vocals. Plenty of those background vocals floating around before a very intimate set of vocal tracks that feel right up close in yer earholes. A ber ba ba ba de da der ber ba is what I hear in the background vocal. A sort of scat thing. Is it bitchy to say I could use a new drum and bass beat? It may be but it’s true, I could use a variation on that. Maybe cut back a bit on the vocals and introduce another element to the song? The song is not for me but I would like those changes.

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