Music for 5/4/22!!! Wais P, Joshua Headley

@@@ Wais P: Coup D’etat (Every Hood, 2022) Independent hip hop from an indie publicist email. I thought this was some NYC style hip hop and this was confirmed by Mr. P’s bio who hails from Crown Heights in Brooklyn. It’s a narco anthem, praising the cooking and distribution of cocaine, meh. I like the small melodic sample that drives the vocals a tad harder. It’s a coup d’etat in terms of moving into another drug dealer’s territory and slingin’. The beat is solid if unremarkable, I like that sample, the rhyming is tough, the lyrics maybe metaphorical maybe real like Pusha T.

@@@ Joshua Hedley: Neon Blue (New West, 2022) Super clean new country music, title track and number 7 on the record. She turned his heart ‘neon blue’, so no blue jeans references but plenty of heartache and drinkin’ on a barstool. I like Hedley’s vocals, I like the energy of the band, I don’t like the production as it sounds like lab grown meat which lends a very sterile flavor to the proceedings. LIke the guitar player and the violin player. Overall well delivered but I’m always looking for a little twist to give it a kick. A sonic jalapeno pepper per chance? The next track Bury Me with My Boots On is again well played but very typical.

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