Music for 5/3/22!!! Suki Waterhouse, Kehlani

@@@ Suki Waterhouse: Good Looking (This Rough Music, 2022) Off this week’s Line of Best Fit. Slotted as rock on Apple Music, this is a torch song, slow in tempo with a slightly strummed guitar and a big ass vocal melody. Big crashy cymbal bash to go with a rock beat but the drums are pretty reverbed out to lessen the impact. I like the vocal melody, I’m agnostic on the lyrics, slightly down on the drums (boring), guitars could be higher, there’s just not enough in the arrangement to elevate the vocal melody.

@@@ Kehlani: everything (Atlantic, 2022) Second to last track of the record and another LIne of Best Fit weekly email. Starts with arpeggiated guitar and voice, strings added after that, a little clap for rhythm. The vibe is high end, lush and intimate centered in the voice but heard all over the track. Chill descending keyboard melody then back into the verse. Super manicured production and vocally well executed I like it while I definitely feel the drag of something presented so cleanly. I feel like I should be listening from inside a Zip Loc bag. I like the vocals most of all, she can sing, the arrangement can use some whoomph, just a tad to propel it.

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