Music for 5/2/22!!! Putochinomaricon, Vanum

@@@ Putochinomaricon feat. GFOTy: Tamagotchi (Elefant, 2022) I have an email address for my podcast, The Magic Organ, and I saw this group tweeted out by bandcamp via the Twatter. The leader here, Putochiomaricon is Portugese and Taiwanese so that’s a cool combo platter and this is synth pop but more rhythmic and the lyrics aren’t in English so the vocals come across as an instrument. That works for me bigly, I don’t have to flow with stupid Katy Perry style roar bullshit. The vibe is upbeat, partly sci fi, and poppy. It’s interesting culturally to see the rhythmic vocals with an MC in the middle is done differently than here in the big empire. Pop is pop and it’s international.

@@@ Vanum: Legend (Profound Lore, 2022) I got to this the same way, the email address for my music podcast. I like this label as they put out some interesting heavy music. This record is just 5 pieces with four of them between 7 and 8 minutes and the closing banger weighing in at 14 minutes. Elements of doom metal with a bit of punk and even a taste of hard rock in a few spots. The singer is more at the end of his rope than caveman not even audible. You get the full distortion guitar show here, I like it all right, I guess I like the rat in the rusty cage metal more than the epic doom stuff. I like the singer, great guitar sounds as usual with today’s metal.

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