Music for 4/30/22!!! Man a Monster, 1300

@@@ Man a Monster: Warm Blooded Creatures (Self released, 2022) I got to today’s listens via music publicist emails. The first is a noise rock outfit and the one below is a Korean hip hop collective. Marketed as a noise rock thing it’s just a fuzzy rock sound, the noise is quite controlled and restricted to the vocals. It’s got a song structure and even strings so the music publicist here is on the pipe. It’s really a pretty egregious wave of the hand as the strings get louder in the mix and it’s a totally composed song from a former Modern English frontman. The song is all right, I don’t think I ever really bought into it, partially because of the way it was described to me.

@@@ 1300: Oldboy (Warner Music Australia, 2022) It’s interesting to hear how a different language creates such a different listening experience in hip hop. The rhymes here are a mix of English and Korean and the rhymes in Korean sound sharp and tough while the English ones a bit less. The sounds are pretty standard trap but with a layer of more playful percussion that changes the vibe bigly. Multiple MCs, a bit of glitch sauce, big basses some with dancefloor flavors. I would say it’s mostly party with a bit of machismo/darkness thrown in. I like the extra percussion and arpeggiator up in this. Better than I expected.

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