Music for 4/26/22!!! Lyrics Born, High Pulp

@@@ Lyrics Born: Everyday Love (Mobile Home, 2022) It seems this rapper has something tv related that’s connected to this music but I don’t care and am just listening to the music. I got to this via the All Music notable release email. This is a midtempo track that straddles hip hop and r&b. He’s not super singing nor exclusively rhyming. The vibe is chill, centered in the keyboards, and the way the vocals are more rhythmic and mellowed out in delivery. I’m clicking around and the vibe of each track is a bit different — some full hip hop, some political, I like it all right.

@@@ High Pulp: All Roads Lead to Los Angeles (Anti, 2022) Oh wow, I’m a little surprised Anti- is releasing a jazz fusion record but it takes all kinds and boy on this second track the tempo is brisker than a…..brisker than a….oh I can’t get anything good here. The drummer is full on jazz studio Red Bulled out and he’s stealing the show for sure. The keyboards and the horns are good players, I’m not finding their playing to be particularly more than run, run run up and down the horn, I like fire horns. I clicked on the next track, oh two tracks, Window on a Shimmering World, and I like this more. The keyboards are much more interesting and ambient. I like that Jaleel Shaw is on this record, I really like his solo record from earlier this year, and some of the music here overcomes my prejudice against jazz fusion tones and the softness thereof.

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