Music for 4/23/22!!!! flowerovlove, Poppy Ajudha

@@@ flowerovlove: I Love This Song (Self-released, 2022) I got to this drum machine indie pop via Line of Best Fit. Nice drum machine, strummed acoustic guitar, bit cloudy synth before it opens out into the song proper. I like the singer, she’s got both a youthful flow and a slack flow while the track works an energetic path (drum machine) and a slack path (vocals). Pretty standard stuff well executed.

@@@ Poppy Ajudha: PLAYGOD (Self-released, 2022) Another line of Best Fit listen, this time an updated r&b/soul flavor. Surprisingly, and in its favor, the track goes from an understated verse to a crunched up over the top rock stance. Back to the chill, ah the classic tension/release mechanism that has taken so many to the bank. I like how the sounds get pulled from various places and work fine together, the songs aren’t blowing me away. Voice is strong, good arrangements, lyrics could use some freshening, solid B at work here.

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