Music for 4/21/22!!! 100 gecs, keiyaA

@@@ 100 gecs: Doritos & Fritos (Dog Show/Atlantic, 2022) I got to today’s listens via 10 hype new songs presented by music publicists via Paste magazine via a twat on the Twatter. 100 gecs is a wild crew, wild in a certain fashion, and this pre-release track comes out sorta Primus-y — Miley Cyrus-y with a smash doll of pop ideas and proggy threads. The hook is classic white boy nonsense, there is no deeper meaning to Doritos and Fritos, they’re brands and here we have America 2021, a hodgepodge of different ideas that aren’t required to make any sense at all. I would be fine with that if the tune was better, but it’s not a particularly moving set of sounds.

@@@ keiyaA: Camille’s Daughter (Touching Bass/Venice, 2022) This single opens up with a voice doubling a guitar and keyboard melody before the beat and once the beat comes in it gets thicker and more interesting. I would say the vocals work both a slightly gospel and slightly booty singer vibe and I’m a little shocked to find something with this level of rhythmic sophistication and funky weirdness in the mainstream. This is some cough syrup Prince action with nutritional value. Check this, it’s more than solid shit.

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