Music for 4/19/22!!! Oceanator, Cinthie

@@@ Oceanator: The Last Summer (Polyvinyl, 2022) Both of today’s listens are off this week’s All Music notable release email. This is the third track of the record. It comes out very brisk with guitars panned out wide and the vocals in the middle of the stereo field. Lyrical mentions of listening to the radio, driving around, ya know the classics. It sounds a bunch like an old Urge Overkill record. I like the guitars the most, the tempo next, I like her singing, but I think the lyrics could use an upgrade.

@@@ Cinthie: Organ (!K7, 2022) I’ve encountered these DJ-Kicks releases before, there was one of a Canadian singer last year that made my end of year list. This is the sixth track of the record and it comes out classic techno beat with a fair amount of stabbing synths with a cloudy synth cruising over the top centered around an active keyboard vamp. To my ears this is much more for the dancing than the listening as the amount of repetition here is high and the groove is pretty much it. I clicked to the second track, cuz I can do that as I run this outfit, and it’s also a higher tempo techno banger but the accompaniment is more developed but not by a ton. I went through my Apple Music library and the DJ Kicks release I super loved last year is by Jessy Lanza — big fat thick ass basses, plenty of glitch sauce and some super funky dancefloor action. Check that out!

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