Music for 4/18/22!!! Lisa Ullen, Elsa Bergman, Anna Lund

@@@ Lisa Ullen, Elsa Bergman, Anna Lund: Space (Relative Pitch, 2022) I got to this percolating free jazz record via a tweet on the Twatter from bandcamp highlighting the best jazz albums of March. The musicians hail from Stockholm Sweden and the instrumentation is piano, bass and drums. This is neither your swinging type free jazz nor the skronkfest, it’s a pretty ambient set focusing on the relationships between the three players and their mutterings as individuals and what it makes as a collective effort. Oh, wait a minute, as the quietness has given way to a more active flow with the pianist leading the way followed by the skittering drummer, both of whom I dig. I like the bassist as well, it’s just she’s lower in the mix and not sticking out as much. I’m nearing the end of the second track, Circle of Security, and I’m doing my taxes trying not to take out my feeling about doing these taxes on the music. On to track 3, Joint Attention, opening dark and foreboding on the piano which she is sticking with and I’m feeling that repetitive, slightly dissonant insistence she brings to that, yeah do it!!! This feels like a pretty accurate recreation of certain mental states I have found myself in for sure. Big drama, small drama, big drama, small drama. I finished this whole record while I was doing my taxes and I really like it. The piano is well recorded, the players are of a high level and they’re listening to each other pretty closely.

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