Music for 4/15/22!!! Lord Apex, Bio Ritmo

@@@ Lord Apex: The Bullshit (Cookin Soul, 2022) I got to this via Crack Magazine in the UK. Regular readers know of my conflicted love of UK hip hop which is usually quite hilarious due to the accent but sometimes comes through with a unique vibe. I’m going to stream this off the GooglePimpTube cuz my Apple Music player often decides, on its own, to just suck ballz and not work. This is the second track off a brand new Apex record. He leans towards a more band like/instrumental sound. His flow on the microphone is pretty spare, light accent, solid and slightly pissed energy without losing his nut or comin’ off soft. Very nice keyboard vamp with a trippy tone. He’s got a sung vocal hook going here with the phrases the ups and downs, the lows and highs, etc. I like this, I’m not jumping up and down. The player clicks through to the next track, For all My Hustlers, and I like this better. Firmer, slightly higher tempo.

@@@ Bio Ritmo: Piraguero (Merge, 2022) I’ve been a big fan for a lot of years because of WRIR in Virgiania pushing these guys up, but now they have a single out on Merge and I’ll peep it and help to spread the word because this is a hot shit band. If you go to the Merge website they talk about this band going 30 years and they popped a reissue 7″ of the song below. The point is not to even necessarily review this song but to recognize these guys are awesome and you should check them out as they’re real musicians.

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