Music for 4/7/22!!! Orville Peck, NoSo

@@@ Orville Peck: The Curse of the blackened Eye (Sony, 2022) I got to this via the Line of Best Fit weekly email. There’s nothing finer than friggin’ new country that either lampoons or emptily pimps old time country music. The bassline here is more rock than country and Peck’s voice and performance comes off more than a bit theatrical. He’s hammin’ it up for sure! I like the yodell-y vocal melody but it’s not enough for me to buy the whole package. It really does beg the question is there such as an authentic performance vs. a fake performance. If you like his voice and performance then you will love this biscuit. The production is a finely manicured pubic mound for sure.

@@@ NoSo: Honey Understand (Partisan, 2022) Glammy, T-Rex-y type rock with heavy ’80s sounds that I also got to via Line of Best Fit. Gated snare sound and heavy Robert Palmer feels as well as a schmear of Chris Isaak slack. So it’s a mash of a lot of ’80s feels — synth rock, glam synth rock, and older glam. As the tune winds out you get some more sounds, most notably synth gauze and a synth string arrangement. I’m pretty non-plussed by it, I don’t hate it but I’m not super feeling it either. This is a pre-release track with a full length banger coming in July.

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