Music for 4/6/22!!! PUP, Silk Sonic

@@@ PUP: Robot Writes a Love Song (BMNG, 2022) I got to this outfit via a feature in the Guardian. I can’t remember what the hook for the feature was, I’m just out there listening to music. This is major label bright rock and oy, it does live up to its name while still mining old school Violent Femmes punky Midwestern strum rock with attitude. That vibe is mostly centered here in the singer and the guitars, the arrangements and some of the instrumentation is pimped. Wham, big ass hook in the chorus and it’s pretty clear why this is a major label release as he’s aspiring to big things. Big hooks, big vocal performance, and big production. Does it work? Depends on the listener. I find it a bit too much, some contrast where things percolate then explode, ya know tick tick boom and not boom boom boom. The player clicked through to the next tune and it’s full on Red Bull as well. He does have a slack tone to his voice but he piles it on here in every respect.

@@@ Silk Sonic: Leave the Door Open (Atlantic, 2021) I saw Silk Sonic kicked it at the Grammys and I hadn’t peeped him. This is so completelely retro in feel, arrangement and sound that you have to decide whether you’re okay with the complete bite job before you can or cannot enjoy it. I respect the craftmanship but I don’t know what to do with this track as there’s nothing here that would signify originality and/or of the moment-ness. The player clicked through and it’s a bite job on Sly Stone funk rock and I be like no way, it works for a track, maybe two. I guess this is how streaming works — you can peep it and like it as part of your package deal and then you can move on when maybe it doesn’t work for you.

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