Music for 4/5/22!!! Rebeca Omordia, Artificial Brain

@@@ Rebeca Omorida: African Pianism (SOMM, 2022) I saw this record tweeted out by notable jazz and upper class music critic Ted Gioia on the Twatter. Ms. Omorida is performing works by African composers and the while I’m no expert on classical music, I listen to an assload of music and know a thing or two about what may be intended. The first piece by Ayo Bankole is a lyrical piece with a folksy melodic style. More impressionistic and light than romantic or golden age classical (problematic term I know). It reminds me of Gershwin composed classical music, pulling from other places and framing it within classical music. I skipped forward to the second set of pieces called African Pianism and my first impression is that this is a more formal feel. I wouldn’t say this is a disappointing listen but I do love me some integrated smashing of elements and was hoping to hear melodies and rhythms I would hear in an African electro track. There is a bit of that, the rhythmic scheme is more reflective of that mashing than the melody here.

@@@ Artificial Brain: Celestial Cyst (Profound Lore, 2022) I found this NYC death metal band via the Twatter. I like this label and have found interesting stuff among their releases so I’m inclined to listen. The track opens with a razor-y guitar tone, then a fantastic drum rumble and the ‘singer’. He’s down there in the mix just snorting and cavorting about without drawing much attention. Nice thick bass not showing off but heard. It’s really a cohesive mix where you can hear all the elements. It’s clearly the drummer’s and the guitar player’s show and while it smells like metal there some proggy pubes occasionally and even a bit of post-rock. It gets less riffy and tilts towards noise just past halfway through as Jada Pinkett Smith would say ‘I’m there for it’. Really feeling the drummer here.

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