Music for 4/4/22!!! U-Ziq, Christian Lee Hutson

@@@ U-Ziq: Goodbye EP (Planet Mu, 2022) Some updated drum and bass (heavy glitch sauce on top of classic hopped up dnb) with a delayed piano part opens this record. The beats are over the top in terms of energy but I think I might be enjoying the deep bass much more and I’m not a super fan of the choir like vocals. Let’s peep a bit more. I really dig this label but this may not be a key release for me. If there were more thick and dirty sounds to balance out the sci-fi/slightly New Age sounds I would enjoy it a bunch more. Drum and bass has always been a heavy lift for me.

@@@ Christian Lee Hutson: Rubberneckers (Anti-, 2022) Another All Music notable release same as above. The video clip below is the third track on the record and the main vibe is chill rock with a touch of melancholy. Drum machine beat, a simple rock bassline, and vocals that are sensitive and blue eyed. When it gets to the chorus or the runup to it you get some female vocals panned out wide, an insistent snare thwap and more energy. There is a kaleidoscopic guitar solo and that’s pretty much what’s on the menu here. I’m giving the second track a quick peep and it’s a sweet, saddy thing, even more so than what’s on offer down below. I have nothing against it while not really craving it. I’m sure tons of people with jobs will dig this, that’s how people with jobs roll.

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