Music for 4/2/22!!!! Plastikman & Chilly Gonzales

@@@ Plastikman & Chilly Gonzales: Contain (Turbo Recordings, 2022) I got to this electronic recording via this week’s just off the press All Music notable release email. It opens pulsing, with a bit of delayed click/static, and it’s pretty dark. Oooh comes the kick and the slow descending keyboard, then vamp. They swirl in what I consider some dark ambient sounds and the contrast between the loose, down low in the mix piano noodling and the blade runner-y backdrop is interesting and very different. It’s a groove with small additions at various points so the thing changing mostly is the keyboard playing. I’m just under jumping for joy, I don’t know what it’s missing for me, but it needs just a little bit more to make me consider it for my year end list. I think if the piano playing was more powerful it would be a very unique mash of electronic and acoustic sounds. Some Cecil Taylor action? Some slick improvised shit? Oh yeah. It’s still very good, but it doesn’t blow the roof off for me.

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