Music for 3/30/22!!! Aldous Harding, Bladee and Echo2k

@@@ Aldous Harding: Ennui (4AD, 2022) Two releases from Pitchfork’s top 10 most reviewed albums this week. This opens as a sort of art school/proggy/chill rock thing. Piano part, tinkly drums, droning singing, it does match the opening track title and is a depiction of ennui as I’ve experienced it. Now it’s in the verse proper and it remains quirky. About halfway through the tune, the drum mix/part changes and it’s a full fleshed out tune, piano driven with off kilter vocalizing. I did a little googling and Harding hails from New Zealand and there is a distinctly un-American feel to the proceedings. I appreciate that, I like difference. She’s an experienced arranger and songwriter. I’m not a huge fan of this arty fok-y, indie style but that’s just me. If you dig it and want a modern and crisp version of it this could work for you.

@@@ Bladee and Ecco2k: 5 Star Crest ( YEAR0001, 2022) I thought this was going to be electronic but it’s more dreamy indie r&b. It’s got a good helping of glitch sauce to go with the intimate, bedroom singing. I appreciate that it’s more a riot of sound and doesn’t super feel like a structured piece thought it easily may be. Yowsa, I did not notice this is a 9 minute banger and the vibe changes completely to a dancefloor, sci-fi thing around minute 2. Still a lot of spaced out sounds, but a dreamy beat with a siren-y, beeping sound. I’ve rocked almost the whole track while I peeped my twatter feed and this is some epic indie electronic. It’s aspirational, loose and pretty free for the genre and not committed to being anything for any amount of time. I didn’t love it, but I respect it.

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