Music for 3/25/22!!! Eric Clapton and Van Morrison

@@@ Eric Clapton and Van Morrison: Stand and Deliver ( N/A, 2020) I recently watched an amazing documentary about an anti-racist musical movement in the UK during the late ’70s/early ’80s and poor ol’ Eric Clapton aligned himself with the forces of racism in British society so this anti-vax/’pro-freedom’ track is not that much of a surprise. “Is it a sovereign nation or a police state, you better look out people before it gets too late.” It’s a notch or two under midtempo and he takes a half-hearted not quite showcased great for him in the mix guitar solo. The music is all right, it’s pretty standard and I like the drummer, but with lyrics like ‘do you want to make it better, or do you want to make it worse? I really don’t know what the hook Stand and Deliver means in this context. The original phrase stand and deliver means to give over something that is demanded, like taxes and rights, etc. Anyway, it’s not a tune really worthy of going into great detail on as the tune is okay but a bit laggy. Most likely this will go down as a historical mistake by Clapton and whatevs as this is the age of whatevs and everything comes and goes across the brain pans of society. I thought the tune would be more impassioned than this, but it’s not.

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