Music for 3/24/22!!! Raw Poetic and Damu the Fudgmunk, B. Visible

@@@ Raw Poetic and Damu the Fudgmunk: Open Roads (Def Presse, 2022) I got to this interesting hip hop record via the bandcamp marketing machine. It’s hip hop with a very strong band feel, both rock feels and some jazz feels. It’s also got an acceptably chill hippie flow to it. The track clipped below is the opener and it’s a pretty hot track with nimble microphone work and a lot of instruments poking out of the mix. I’m checking out the second track, Chewing Gum, and it follows a similar formula. The bassline is tucked in there and is a dizzying climbing line with some synth blasts and the MC who is engaging — the lyrics are world weary and kinda philosophical. World gone crazy themes and whatnot. These guys seem to want to uplift without applying excessive sonic cheese, the mission is accomplished by the arrangements and the microphone energy and the lyrics.

@@@ B. Visible: Pancakes (Data Snacks, 2022) I think this is another listen from bandcamp, and Mr. Visible is a dance artist from Vienna Austria. It’s got the anchoring kick drum, some occasional blasting synths, an arpeggiated synth that bounces about capturing most of the listeners’ attention and an old school popping funk bassline. It’s not an EDM exploding cheesebomb and I’m grateful for that. I’m giving a quick peep to the third track and it’s the same kick drum, a keyboard progression, some chopstick-y percussion, no hand it’s a slapping conga drum type sound, and similar keyboard sounds. I appreciate the minimal arrangements, sometimes the electronic shit can be so over the top sci-fi (or other flavors). Super clean production, yikes, like a porn star’s love patch, manicured if you dig that sort of thing..

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