Music for 3/18/22!!! VTSS, Moonchild Sanelly

@@@ VTSS: Goin Nuts (Technicolour, 2022) I got to this track via the UK electronic music magazine Crack. These guys are up to some techno business with not classic beats and fat ass bass pushin asses around. Some glitch action, some high hat skitter action and boom! This is a 6 track EP with some hip hop flavors, some abstract electronic sounds, some classic techno flavors and funny titles like the ‘Propaganda of Success’ and ‘Why we Don’t deserve Nice Things’. This is above average approaching slamming so if you dig electronic throw this quickie EP a listen and you might feel it.

@@@ Moonchild Sanelly: Covivi (Transgressive, 2022) This is our sole listen from this week’s Line of Best Fit. Sanelly is part of the South African electronic scene and are 5 pre-releases tunes up on Apple Music where her record called is branded as pop. It’s a poppy track but it’s also very funky track with some big hand drumming sounds. Lots of chanting type vocals, you know your classic old school drums and vocal interaction. I didn’t love the track Stripper that I checked out but these tracks are full of sophisticated rhythm. The third track I peeped and the opener on the record is called Undumpable but I think the first track I peeped is the best of what I heard.

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