Music for 3/17/22!!! Charlotte Adigery/Bolis Pupul, They Hate Change

@@@ Charlotte Adigery & Bolis Pupul: Blenda (DeeWee/Because, 2022) I got to today’s listens via Line of Best Fit’s weekly email. Stripped back electro with high female energy, some Talking Heads flavors, and even maybe a few Prince pubes up in there as well. I read the blurb and they’re trying to pop out some real sentiments in an electro landscape and I respect the attempt and it helps my ears that they have a fair amount of funk bass popping here with the synth bass and the drum machine action. I like the idea of these hybrid albums that take bits from different places and smash em up and I peeped some of the tracks when it first came out last week. This track is the best of what I remember happening, mostly because of the higher funk factor. Other tracks are synthier and gauzier.

@@@ They Hate Change: From the Floor (Jagjaguwar, 2022) We had some New Orleans dixieland jazz last week out on the Subpop imprint and today we have some dancefloor banging out on indie stalwart Jagjaguwar. Chill and pulsing in the verse it goes drum and bass in the chorus before returning to the verse cooldown. A couple of MCs pushing the track and there ya go for the formula. A fair amount of glitch/granular sounds happening up in here as well. I think they got a bit carried away with the delay plugins, they could clip that back a bit and get a less janked out track. It’s the last track on the record, and it’s the pre-release track for a full length banger due out in May. I hate to judge a whole record by the last track as those tracks tend to be unique but I’m split as to whether I would peep more. Like some sounds, don’t like other sounds.

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