Music for 3/16/22!!! DITZ, Alex Cameron

@@@ Ditz: Ded Wurst (Alcopop!, 2022) A couple of listens today from PItchfork’s 10 most reviewed albums of the week last week. Ded Wurst is the second track of the record and after a sidestick intro it gets into an Iggy Pop-lite snarling, nihilistic tone. In the first verse here there’s an occasional blast of low end shit and static that is both cool and annoying. It jerks you around the frequency sweep and whatnot. I’m wondering if this is going to lead to any sort of hook in a chorus or if we’re going to blast our way through this. It just blasts through, fine. I’m listening to the next tune and I think it’s pretty common these days for the aggro pose to be palatable but to my ears it ends up sounding like art school punk because they never risk the listener to weed out the posers and bring the hardcore listeners to the front row by really letting it rip. I like the formula but I would roughen this shit up.

@@@ Alex Cameron: Oxy Music (Secretly Canadian, 2022) The title track is also the last track on the record and while I thought the title Oxy Music would lead to a downer type of music the music here is very upbeat but all of sudden out of nowhere is one of the dudes from Sleaford Mods, which was quite a surprise. Oy. It’s a six minute banger so he gets a good run at the microphone before the lead singer comes back. A couple of observations here — I think this guy has heard a lot of Prince records as he’s trying to bounce off the groove when singing to keep the energy high, and he does a good job at it. There are a references to opioids in the lyrics and I really like the singer and would go for this more if there were some rougher sounds for contrast here and there.

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