Music for 3/13/22!!! Happy Place, Azu Tiwaline and Labdi

@@@ Happy Place: Tendrils (Exit Stencil Recordings, 2020) I saw this weirdo rock band listed for a record release show for a record released in 2020. Oy, the covid! These guys are working a spot that used to be quite common but has now receded like the tide. Non-derivative freak rock with punk flavors maybe even some jazz feels, a crossroads if you may. This is a seven minute banger and it revolves around a 2 drummer groove but there’s plenty of noise and drone and weird energy to keep you engaged. I do not miss the ridiculous macho rawk energy but I do miss a messy rock space where folks are playing hard and putting out a lot of energy, I’m mostly always up for that. The player clicked through to another track and I’m medium into that as well.

@@@ Azu Tiwaline & Labdi: Hewa (Extra Soul Perception, 2022) I’ve been searching for new stuff from this North African female producer because I really dig her and her music and this track popped up on my Apple Music search. Just out!!! In my dumbass opinion her sounds connect you to a state of mind larger than the individual, blending dub delays with North African/Middle Eastern percussion and in this case a female vocalist. It’s serpentine and slim and has a depth to it that I enjoy. I like the groove, the sounds are excellent and the vocals are not meant to be the main focus and work well within the sounds.

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