Music for 3/12/22!!! Padjo Dolan, Jane ‘N the Jungle

@@@ Padjo Dolan: Rings of Saturn (Summer Wave, 2022) I got to this single via a music publicist in Ireland. It’s gonna be a big arena power ballad type thing from the opening piano track, an Irish Bon Jovi type thing. It percolates for the first two minutes and then kicks it into overdrive with a big push across the finish line. Oh boy was I right, he’s pushing all the big buttons! The vocal hook revolves around the line ‘You should live up in the stars and I will visit you in my car, he’s gonna take her (or him!) for a ride arround the rings of Saturn.’ This is so hopelessly romantic you gotta give some props to it, cynical bitches like myself may view it as a cheeseburger with a pretty thick slice of cheese, but hey whatever gets you through.

@@@ Jane ‘N the Jungle: Ocean Creatures (Self-released, 2022) Another mainstream track from a music publicist — this time a hard rock biscuit. Whereas the above track is a romantic typa thing, this one is a rough, slightly sci-fi big hard rock thing. Again a big push for me. I would say the tune should have better guitar tones if it’s going to reach for the outer realms, the power chords are pretty brittle and staticky. While I don’t mind the female singer, her melodies could use some more range and soaring, something to break out of the somewhat, ooh there she goes and it works! It shoulda come sooner but she popped the top on that Red Bull and now she’s back to the chorus.

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