Music for 3/6/22!!!! Carmen Villain

@@@ Carmen Villain: Gestures (Smalltown Supersound, 2022) I got to this indie electronic recording via last week’s All Music notable release email. I try to check out this small Scandinavian label’s release as they release a variety of music and I’ve found a decent amount of good stuff from their imprint. This track is the opener of a track 38 minute record and it is a blend of ambient and performed sounds. It’s rocking a balance of bright, New Age-y sounds as wells as some darker flavors. A horn player comes in about a third through as well as a drummer and/or percussionist and all put together it has the potential to be pretentiously tragic but it’s not. The ambient sound is especially interesting to my ears. I find the electronic sounds to more interesting than the horn playing but that’s just me. I’m now checking out another track and I like a lot of what’s going on here but am not super into certain New Age sounds that keep appearing. I much prefer the dark ambient business.

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