Music for 3/4/22!!! La Milagrosa, Ziur

@@@ La Milagrosa: Panico (Iron Lung, 2022) Some more listening off bandcamp’s best of February section with this a Puerto Rican punk release and the downstairs listen some dancefloor bangin’ out of Germany. Oh mama, they have a spoken word in Spanish intro before they get into the old school punk blasting. The reverbed and delayed vocals really kicks the pysch/Butthole Surfers aggro vibe here. These guys are focused and pissed, this second track, Bastardos really brings the heat. The crazy ass, alienated heat. Check this business out, they got it going on.

@@@ Ziur: Bin There Vol. 1 (N/A, 2022) This Germany based artist doesn’t appear to have his latest single up on the Apple Music but he’s got a lot of stuff up there if you want to check his other business out. There are two tracks here and the first one called Bottoms is a big splashy opener with big non groove percussive blasts as it appears to be building towards a groove. He’s got one going and it’s industrial flavored, not your classic techno, oh and then he speeds shit up and it’s quite slappy. I like it without loving it. Lemme check the second track Schnieke, which is German for sneaker. No it’s not. This one has more of a squiggly, funk feel while throwing in some video game drama and siren style synths. Sounds like what an emergency room in Detroit near the club might sound like. This track stands out more than the opener in my opinion. Oooh, he brought in a hand drum type sound and is building some organic contrast to that sci fi vibe and he’s got some energy here. He shoulda put this track first, it’s burnin’!!!

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