Music for 3/3/22!!! The Garden of Magic, Forest Drive West

@@@ The Garden Of Magic: But I Don’t Want Comfort (N/A, 2022) This 18 minute organic electronic music track is not up on the Apple Music but is up on the ol’ mighty bandcamp. What starts as multiple layers of percussion working a world music-y, old school pan African jazz vibe gives way to a spacious droned out mix with laser sounds and big feels. I guess this track is from a scultpture and sound exhibit somewhere, you can read about it on the bandcamp page below. It’s not one giant chunk of sound, it has sections with different feels to them, I’m now on the third section with minimalist piano and big drone backup. I like it a bunch without jumping up and down.

@@@ Forest Drive West: Recursion EP (Echochord, 2022) Another record from bandcamp’s best of February list and I’m listening to the third track on this three track EP, it’s called Anchor. Mighty dubwise feels here but not just a dub recreation and it’s a space journey with lots of delays, muted keyboards and a thick ass bassline that pumps occasionally but hits hard. I’m around 6 minutes of this 7 and one half minute banger and it’s a neither fully dub nor fully dancefloor banging. The keyboards belong more to the ambient/dancefloor neighborhood and the rhythmic undercarriage is more connected to dub. Good shit, check this out if you’re a fan of these sounds. I’m now checking out the title track, Recursion and it’s different while still being very solid, I like it almost as much as the third track Anchor.

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