Music for 3/2/22!!! Sasami, Kalisway

@@@ SASAMI: Need it To Work (Domino, 2022) Some álternative’ rock from Domino and a L.A. based musician. Very retro, ’90s-ish grunge-y especially in the bass and drums area. It’s got that slack, aloof vocal style that can really drain a rock track of its energy but for some reason people dig or tolerate. Around a minute it gets into a stuck place for about 15 seconds where it repeats like a broken record and that I dug and identified with. Not a ton to say here, I would love to get some rock music that has a fresh feel/approach to it, but that’s not happening here. I understand many are okay with the faithful re-enactments but that’s not me.

@@@ Kalisway: Hit ’em with the Funk (Kali, 2022) I got to both of these listens from this week’s Line of Best Fit and this track I can roll with. It’s a slab of minimalist funk with a female singer, slinky beat and pretty standard funk basslines. It’s more the attitude and the arrangement that works for me. The vocalist builds the song slowly until she peaks at the very end but all done over a stylish plate of funk.

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