Music for 3/1/22!!! Gabor Lazar, Huerco S.

@@@ Gabor Lazar: Boundary Object (Planet Mu, 2022) I got to this electronic record via Pichfork’s 10 most reviewed albums of the week. The beat is not particularly funky but the arrangement contains a rhythmic sense where a sort of call and response happens but with synthesizers a lot of filtering. eq filtering, google it! It’s got a lot of energy and more rhythmic energy than melodic energy. The record is 34 minutes long and all the tracks are titled Boundary Object 1, Boundary Object 2. I’m feeling the weirdness of the second track with its incessant kick drum and space laser type synth sounds. A lot of the record sports the chopped percussive pounding of a kick drum of a synth and I like the aggro of that

@@@ Huerco S.: Plonk IV (Incienso, 2022) More electronic music but more skittery with some pounding and more motion to the arrangements. It’s got a distinctly old school drum and bass feel in tempo and sputtering snares but it’s not your old school drum and bass. Also a bit of hip hop feel to it. I switched over to check out the first track and it’s a more lyrical piece, with space age sounds but a sort of super arranged feel with spitting harp like melodies and a simulated upright bass. A long delay ends up pleasantly filling up the stereo field as little bits continue to be heard after the main note dies a bit. I really like this opening track. I’ve checked out pieces of three tunes and there is variety as well as consistency to the pieces. It’s got a big feel, proggy in places, a tad classsical in others, but not without some funk/hip hop feels here and there.

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