Music for 3/2/22!!! Blackberry Rose, Sally Shapiro

@@@ Blackberry Rose: I Can’t Shake the Stranger Out of You (Don Giovanni, 2022) Yowsa, who is singing here, Imma have to google this gent. Ah, that explains it, this is this band’s first album in 50 years, it’s got both a modern and a retro feel to it. The recording sounds recently made but the playing style is not common these days and the singer has some mileage on him for sure. I’m enjoying the second tune Gay Bar Blues more than the opener. From my googling, back in the day this gent released the first country album by an openly gay musician so big respect for that and it seems like he’s working this song with more conviction than the opener.

@@@ Sally Shapiro: Falling Clouds (Italians Do It Better, 2022) This is the kind of wispy, ’80s soft synth pop that I don’t super love. It is the combination of how the voice is presented on a bed of arpeggiated synth as well as some cloud synth action — blech, I don’t like it. It doesn’t mean other folks can’t love it, but I don’t like it. The beat is a little better than what you would expect from this sub genre but the beat is not enough to save the rest of it.

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