Music for 2/26/22!!!! Matchess

@@@ Matchess: Through the Wall (Drag City, 2022) This is a 2 track drone record I found on this week’s All Music notable release email. 2 18 minute bangers and the first one (the second one is clipped below) comes in super slowly. I’m about 3 minutes in and it’s barely happening, a slightly oscillating tone. I dig it. At 6:30 there’s more (not a ton!) going on, a little squiggly thing and a metallic rhythm but barely there and barely rhythming. A distinctly Scottish/UK/Irish melody starts coming in ‘roun 8+ minutes so we’re on the map with drone + melody. Just under 11 minutes and there has been some guitar chord progressions (just barely) and around 5 minutes from the end it starts to wind down and return to a full drone state of mind. I didn’t expect that middle part with melodies and what sounded like a guitar but I liked it, it chilled shit out.

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