Music for 2/23/22!!! Catseye, Dan-Georges McKenzie

@@@ Catseye – Catseye (Voluntary In Nature, ) I set up this blog post last week without putting in how I got to this track and now I can’t find the record up on Apple Music and I have to resort to a Google search to get some sense of this person is and what the label is. It’s a female rock track a la late ’70s George Harrison type stuff. Strummed acoustic guitar with chill slide guitar over the top, another melodic instrument and no drums and yearning vocals. It’s a 7+ minute banger so it takes its time and it does have a retro charm, especially the vulnerable vocal delivery and a lack of concern for jumping up and down for the listener. Ah, this is a remastered track from 1973, that explains so much and why I dug it, it’s from another time and place!! If you’re up for some pre space rock space rock this is pretty interesting and engaging. I wish I could pass along more information regarding the artist but I could not turn anything up.

@@@ Dan-Georges Mckenzie – Uitamui (Musique Nomade, 2022) I got to this via CFUV out in Vancouver. I was expecting some solo acoustic business but this track is a full band, adult alternative coffee shop rock track not performed in English, which I love, lemme google this gent. He sings in Innuit which is cool to me. It’s weird to me that indigenous folks would embrace a somewhat cheesy white man’s musical formula but I guess it’s weird that I would prefer something more traditional. There you have it, check it out if you like some friendly rock!!

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