Music for 2/19/22!!! ADULT

@@@ ADULT: Fools (We Are) (Dais, 2022) I got to this dark dancefloor no wave compound music blend via a shout on the Twatter. I guess they’ve been around for a long while while having a new record coming out. First off it sounds like it’s a ramped up Frankie Goes to Hollywood glam dance thingy. Lots of percussion layers in here which I dig, it’s the bass and the sort of showboating vocals that I don’t cotton to. Dollars to donuts if this had a funky bassline I would be feeling it much much more. I’m guessing two very different folks made the beats and then made the rest of the arrangement as the rhythm is quite pumping and kinda sophisto but the bass and the vocals are this draggy punk whiny business. I’m checking out the second pre-release call We Are Nothing and that mindset is up in here for sure. Funkier bass here, lots of delays splintering off the bass and the beats and I dig that. Let’s see how they vocalize this. The vocals are more interesting to me and I like the sirens but overall it’s got this we are nothing, everything sucks vibe to it and meh.

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