Music for 2/14/22!!! Rafael Energia Dominicana. Elle Barbara’s Black Space

@@@ Rafael Energia Dominicana: El Platano Maduro (Self-released , 2022) I got to this track via a music publicist and it’s not up on Apple Music. It’s an energetic Dominican jam with synth horns, loverboy guitar, lots of hand percussion and Rafael doing his thing. Imma huge fan of sweet plantains but I did not know they’re referred to as platano maduro cuz I’m an ignorant gringo. From the lyrics I think he’s comparing green plantains to sweet yellow ones and it might be a metaphor but I prefer platano maduro. It’s more of a summer jam as far as I’m concerned, but I like it.

@@@ Elle Barbara’s Black Space: Peach Puree (N/A, 2022) This is another track I was unable to locate in the big stew of Apple Music. Also I forget how I got to it so I’m really screwing the pooch here on availability and references. I will not complain too much about the mono bullshit of GooglePimpTube except that complaining part. The track is a funk pop thing, oooh I’m making a comeback here as I found her on bandcamp where it says she’s from Montreal and looking to defy stereotypes of black people. You go girl! The lyrics are in French and the arrangement is propelled by a pretty straight pop rock beat with a fair amount of synth sauce over the top. There’s a lead sound, a plinky synth and maybe another that ducks in and out. Towards the end of the track there’s a fair amount of delay on the last word of each line of singing and I don’t love that. Overall it’s a decent effort, not really my thing — a little sexy, a little sweet, and a lot poppy.

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