Music for 2/7/22!!! bvdub, EXEK

@@@ bvdub: Northern Stars in Jade (n5md, 2022) Today’s listens come to you via the All Music notable release email. The video below is the fourth track on an EP called Violet Opposition. Immediately you notice the synths that have been crunched to sound like guitars and made epic with reverb and a mostly cheesy piano part underneath the big synth/guitar sounds. Wow, this shit is absolutely not an EP with all four of the tracks weighing in around 20 minutes, those are big bangers right there! Usually with a 20 minute banger it’s slow to unfold and that pace is clear here. I’m not sure I have 20 minutes for this — I’m good for 6-7 minutes Imma thinkin. There are huge aspirations here with the opening track entitled Divinity at Dusk and in the sounds. I’m not super enjoying this as it has a claggy, plodding feel to my ears. Singer/vocal sample at 4:15 and I’m pretty much out, it’s just too big for me.

@@@ EXEK: (I’m After) Your Best Interest (Castle Face, 2021) I like the Castle Face label, they put out some interesting stuff and this track is the second on an album called Advertise Here. It comes out with a cowbell, which regular readers know is a pants shitting type of event for me. Cowbell and a rock/dance beat, then some synth cloud action, glitched vocals, and a kraut-y feel. The vocals come in purposely detached, not uncommon in the least but it does detach the listener from the proceedings. I like the weirdness of it but I’m not super enjoying it. I’m going to peep another track and then head out most likely. The third track, Unseasonable Warmth, is a space rock jam with synth horns and a dubbed out bass part. This track I like much more, mostly due to the spacious sounds. Points for weirdness.

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