Music for 2/6/22!!!! Mitski

@@@ Mitski: Laurel Hell (Dead Oceans, 2022) This record just got a 5 star review on the Guardian and you can’t take a shit without running into a Mitski interview. The music pimping community is coming out for Mitski in a big way. I’m listening to the track Stay Soft and it’s a fine blue eyed disco banger with finger snaps and more of a torchy singing style and not your classic black diva typa thing. It’s also a tad confessional and very smooth production so it works well for people with jobs who don’t want to sweat but want to feel funky. When the tune peaks in the second/third chorus it’s a pretty crowded but still coherent arrangement with piano chords, a fair amount of added percussion, etc and it does blur the line between disco and rock. I’m letting the player click through and while I find Mitski to be able to sing, I’m not particularly moved by her singing there’s a bit of plainness/long toned-ness to it that makes the sounds stand above her. She breaks out of it occasionally but it’s not super flavorful. I know people love the high end drama queen experience, I’m just not one of those people. So to recap, pretty high end sounds, focused arrangements that work and vocals that are a step or two above meh, but not big steps above meh.

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