Music for 2/5/22!!! Lorraine James

@@@ Lorraine James: Self-Doubt (Leaving the Club Early) (Hyperdub, 2021) I got to this ambient track via the Twatter. The video below is track 6 on a record entitled Reflection and it opens with a chill keyboard patch, some tasty hi hat action, and video game garnish. This is an extremely manicured mix that brings clarity and whoomph when that drum machine kicks hard. It’s an interesting mix of dreamy keyboards, stream of conciousness lyrics that push inwards, and then pumping drums shuffling against those big keyboard sounds. I like this a whole bunch and let me peep a couple more tracks because Ms. James earned it. I’m on the second track Let’s Go and it’s not your typical dancefloor bangin’, it’s funky but slashing and percussive with extensive interplay between the parts in the track. I’m going to check out this record more deeply when I have the time, the sounds are delicious.

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