Music for 2/1/22!!! Pan Daijing, Ben Bondy

@@@ Pan Daijing: Dust (Pan, 2022) Experimental IDM/electronic I got to via this week’s 10 most reviewed albums email via Pitchfork. I would be all over this if there was no singer, the singer really plains it out. Rhythmically it’s sparse with a combo platter of a bit of dubwise action, some glitch, and percussion instrument action. One piano note spaced sporadically participating as a rhythm business like that. I like the sounds here, a bit retro and futuristic at the same time. I let the player click through and it’s a squealing, mechanical track with some pleasant static spitting and is that an oscillator solo? Oh it be. This second tune I’m peeping, Ran, is quite stylish and earned the record a third and final listen. I’m checking out the album opener and it’s refrained feedback-y with some ghosty/cloudy sounds that evoke a ceremonial religious feel. My vote goes to the second track for flavor.

@@@ Ben Bondy: Omni Field (Good Morning Tapes, 2022) Also off this week’s PItchfork’s 10 most reviewed records but the full length is not up on Apple Music. It’s over at bandcamp, and I love the bandcamp, but I don’t love streaming there, it’s a tad 128k AM radio style. This is the second track of the record and it’s a blend of rain/mechanical sounds mixed with some carbonated/percuassive synth bubbling. While there’s not a lot to it there’s plenty of chatter going on and the feel is percolating. The next track busts out the rich metal marimba arpeggiator which goes more New Age-y and I like that less. It strikes me that this might be a processed guitar but I’m educated-ly guessing no. There are moments in both these releases that I dig, but not across large spans of time.

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