Music for 1/29/22!!! Combo Chimbita

@@@ Combo Chimbita: Babalawo (Anti-, 2022) I saw this record on this week’s All Music notable release email and I try to check out Anti- releases as they’ve put some records in my collection for sure. This is the second track of the record and it opens with a guitar figure then hand drumming and a synth and an off kilter drumkit beat. Points for smashing up some sounds in the trenches. Then comes a dramatical female singer and the whole thing takes its weird groove and begings pounding it into your dome. There’s a quickening after the verse into a more traditional Latin section. I peeped and checked their bio and they are first generation Colombian/New Yorkers so the sonic mash makes perfect sense. These guys are very solid musicians, drummer and guitarist most notably but they’re working as a unit on some high energy business. I’m going to peep a bit of a couple of other tracks to see what the first third of the record sounds like and the first track, Oya, is a slow jam, rocky with a melodic keyboard supporting a chill guitar rock god sitch. I like this and it deepens when the singer comes in chanting Oya. Folks should check this out as you get your rock needs as well as your world music needs filled at the same time and shit.

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