Music for 1/28/22!!!! Frontierer, Abby Roberts

@@@ Frontierer: Opaque Horizon (Blood Blast, 2021) This is an updated post from December and I didn’t follow through on the publishing of it and now it’s been recycled for the end of this fine January. This is the third track of the record and it’s a squealing, frantic slab of metal with nu metal flavors. The percussive blasts sound like what I imagine Iraq at full combat sounds like. It’s got one of them there chanting type singers which I’m agnostic on and by the time this one is fully blossomed there is just a whirl of distortion and static. I have a headache this morning so the deconstruction into component sounds is a wee bit painful to my dome but if you’re pumped today this might be the wind beneath your wings. It is sonically exterme without matching that compositionally.

@@@ Abby Roberts: Paramaniac (Melomaniac, 2022) I got to this track from somebody who rose up through the Tik Tok toilet and I got to her debut music via Line of Best Fit. I’m guessing this is gonna be breezy bag of trash, and in its way it is most definitely predictable with its openly ’80s synth/washy guitar sounds topped of with a dreamy, creamy voice. It’s a bit wee for me with the confessional lyrics that are going in one ear and out the other. I don’t know why the corpse of the 80s has been exhumed but it indeed has. You might be a fan, that doesn’t make you a horrible person, it just means you have different musical tastes.

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