Music for 1/24/22!!! FKA Twigs, Wadada Leo Smith

@@@ FKA twigs: meta angel (Atlantic, 2022) Both of today’s listens are off this week’s Pitchfork 10 most reviewed albums, though I’ve seen bunches of mentions around about FKA twigs’ new record because she goes well on the interwebz as an ethereal hottie. The track below is the third on the record and while I associate FKA with mopey electro indie bangers, this is a major label effort that opens with a little uplifting convo before heading out into big singing with percussive background vocals. Ms. Twigs has traded the mope for the angel wings. I prefer this flavor of the Twigs to the art school spiel, but it still comes off as a bit manufactured. The Autotune is annoying but the distorted drum machine feels are pretty cool. #MixedBag. The sections with beats are much better than the torch-y sections with just the piano and the background vox. I’m getting the distinct feeling that Ms. Twigs wants a new car, and while this is a pretty common thing to hear in mainstream music today, a lot of folks conducting themselves in this manner do not have the artistic pretensions FKA sports. This isn’t a long trip from Beyonce-land which is big shedding of skin and assumption of new feels.

@@@ Wadada Leo Smith: From Pacifica Koral Reef (577 Records, 2022) We switch gears to something completely different. Big Wadada Leo Smith fan, I dig his conciousness as well as his trumpet playing. Instrumentation here is trumpet, guitar from Henry Kaiser, and some drone-y ambient keyboard like sounds that may be another guitar or keyboard patches. Not a big fan of the plinky guitar tone and as usual Mr. Smith’s trumpet tone is massive and majestic, kinda taking up all the listener’s ears but he’s the main draw here sonically by a whole bunch. There is only this track up on Apple Music and that’s a bit unfortunate as I would like to hear some more but if I’m rolling on this track, a different guitar tone would have really deepened the listening experience for me.

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