Music for 1/20/22!!! King Garbage, Juice WRLD and Justin Bieber

@@@ King Garbage: Busy on a Saturday Night (Ipecac, 2022) I got to this track via a music publicist email. I’m not sure what metal on Ipecac is gonna sound like but when it opens up it sounds much more like a Brazilian samba than any heavy metal I know. I guess it’s a big joke as the title of the record is ‘Heavy Metal Greasy Love’ and it’s not metal. Good one, fellas. I like this jam, I’m not shitting my pants but the falsetto funk/soul singing is an interesting twist on a samba. The sound of the track interests me as it sports a combo platter lo fi-ish and a polished feel at the same time The lo-fi feel is centered mostly in the drums and it sounds purposeful. The last 35 seconds center a half grizzled synth melody and some crashy drums and is a weird ending. I’ve peeped parts of three tunes and this is a soul record and it could be a pretty good one. Big Prince feels in the third pre-release track Peanut Butter Kisses.

@@@ Juice WRLD & Justin Bieber: Wandered To LA (Interscope, 2022) I will be completely transparent in saying that I listen to Justin Bieber’s music to make fun of it, I think he’s a soft ass pandering money sucking dirtball ready to pimp at the drop of a hat. I’m predicting a soft banger on this one as a strummed electric guitar opens the track while Juice WRLD drawls a bit before in comes the trap beats, the fat bass and the vocal hook. I wish folks would show some self-respect and not listen to this shit, this is astoundingly awful. I feel like shit just peeping this. Bieber hits the microphone and does a weak turn on the microphone about focusing on your relationship and keeping that love going. I don’t know whose idea this biscuit was but yikes what a piece of garbage.

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