Music for 1/19/22!!! Dubmatix, Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band

@@@ Dubmatix: Kingdom Dub (Renegade, 2010) Both of today’s listens are off WRIR’s weekly playlist email. Well, color me a bit stymied as I saw this on a recent WRIR playlist but the record is dated 2010. Reissue? Regardless it’s some tasty ass dubwise business, old school thick and with a drummer. I’m not philosophically opposed to the drum machine dub but it does change the situation. This is the 13th track on the record and it is sticky, I recommend it. There are a lot of guest vocalists up on this record so I will click around a bit and then wrap up this pocket review. I’m checking out the fifth track and it is sweet so I’m giving a green light to the record, check it out for some sweet ass dub. I’m checking out a drum machine dancehall track that pumps pretty good so there is high quality variety going here.

@@@ Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band: Dirt Off Your Shoulders (Big Crown Records, 2021) At first blush I thought this was a Brazilian outfit as my brain jumped at that after seeing the word ‘bacao’ but it’s a german band that sports a steel drummer featured prominently. It’s a mash of styles, a little funk, a few chill Afrobeat feels, and obviously the steel drum references Caribbean music. The fourth track, My Jamaican Dub, comes out with a few dubwise echoes but it also sports a classic funk flow including a cowbell (regular readers know I like anything with a cowbell). I’m finishing up with the track clipped below and I appreciate the inclusion of the steel drum but it’s pretty tight funk, it could use some wildness and some swing. Maybe others feel this differently but that’s my perception. Somebody did some great work on the drum sounds here.

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