Music for 1/17/22!!! Emma Lee MC, Antichrist Siege Machine

@@@ Emma Lee MC: Campfire (Emilia A. Otto, 2022) I got to this MC via a hip hop/r&b music publicist email. There’s a siren like high tone, a pretty tom heavy drum machine beat with a bit of tambourine and a female MC that does a solid job. There is also a long tone distorted guitar tone that I think confuses the situation and there are a lot of voices in this track. I like parts of it but I would strip a whole bunch of stuff out of this mostly cluttered voices and the guitar.

@@@ Antichrist Siege Machine: Purifying Blade (Profound Lore, 2021) I got to this via a list of writers’ favorites of 2021. This is some battering caveman shit to be sure, the grunt of the caveman singer is barely audible in the staticky-slightly farting beatdown. This is quite intestinal and devolved on purpose and wowsa, they boiled this down to just the essential particles — smacking drums, a detuned wall of guitars and prehistoric grunt show. Zero fucks given here and I respect that.

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