Music for 1/15/22!!! Derya Yildirim and Grup Simsek, Divanhana

@@@ Derya Yildirim and Grup Simsek: Hayday Haydar (Bongo Joe, 2021) Second track of the record which is chill, kinda epic and a bit proggy Turkish rock music. Female singer, pretty straight kit drumming augmented with hand drumming, a blend of rock and traditional elements. Overall the vibe is chill with lots of vocal melodies and a Phish-like rock groove vibe to the proceedings. I would enjoy it more if it were a bit rougher.

@@@ Divanhana: Cilim (CPL, 2022) I’ve heard these guys before and they’re shit hot, they can play their asses off. These guys are Bosnian with a female singer and brisk party music does not do this justice. About halfway they take it up a notch and blammo it’s full on party music. I like it but remember liking their 2016 record more than this pre release single. I will however check out more of it when it comes out as they are really skilled musicians.

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